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Organic Rice Protein: 3 extraordinary virtues

Today there are many different sources of protein: animal, vegetable, with different additions such as artificial ingredients or stimulants not always good for our health… And sometimes it is difficult to navigate the choices. At Nature Zen, we offer you a simple and efficient protein, developed naturally to ensure your body receives a sufficient supply of quality proteins while respecting your health. Discover our organic germinated and fermented whole grain rice protein, key to our Origin range and an essential component of the Essentials range! We have selected 3 main points to present to you this rice protein with 1000 virtues! Enjoy your discovery.

1. A plant-based protein ideal for sports

Muscle mass gain and recovery

Rice vegan protein is a qualitative source of protein to provide our cells with the necessary components to maintain and improve our muscle mass. With Nature Zen, you can rest easy: we offer you a plant-based protein of exceptional concentration (90%), without any artificial or superfluous ingredients. plant based rice protein 3 extraordinary virtues nature zen muscle mass gain 1536x1025 1 A conscious choice because health is at the heart of our values. Gaining muscle mass or simply maintaining it without performing is possible with rice protein and its high assimilation by our cells. And yes, the effects on muscle mass are similar or even superior to those provided by whey protein¹, but, without the cholesterol, digestion difficulties and other inconveniences associated with taking milk proteins. Why deprive yourself?

2. A vegetable protein with a wealth of essential aminoacids

A high vegetable protein assimilation

Amino acids are used to structure our cells, but also for the creation of all body tissues and for a multitude of reactions in the body, from the creation of energy to the secretion of hormones. Amino acids are truly essential to our body functioning.

Why is the intake of “essential” amino acids so important? Because our body does not produce these 8 amino acids or not in sufficient quantity. They can only be found on our plate!

With Nature Zen Organic Rice Protein, you get all these amino acids, including L-Leucine, an essential amino acid, the “star” in terms of its beneficial effects on muscle mass. Not only does Nature Zen Organic Rice Protein contain a significant amount of L-Leucine, but it is also absorbed more quickly than whey protein and its effects last longer as well!²

3. Bye-bye fat!

Feel better in body and mind

Nature Zen organic rice protein is a perfect ally when you want to lose weight. It can be taken in shakes or smoothies as part of a balanced diet. A sufficient intake of quality protein helps to control or even make cravings disappear by the feeling of satiety it offers, and allows us to have a stable and lasting energy for our day³⁴. At breakfast or later in our activities, its presence in a balanced diet is nourishing in depth, while experiencing a reduction in body fat⁵ and without skipping meals or other habits that can make us irritable or tired. plant based rice protein 3 extraordinary virtues recuperation yoga woman nature zen 1536x1024 1 Sources
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