Nature Zen Organic Vegan Protein bars - Chocolate [nut free]

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Nature Zen Chocolate Protein Bars… Your new healthy choice… It gives a dose of energy to your body ! Discover their smooth texture, halfway between caramel and nougat… 

17g of protein and 14g of fiber per bar. Ideal before or after training, or at work.

At Nature Zen, we set the bar High:

  • Organic & Vegan certified
  • Gluten-Free
  • Nut-Free
  • Peanut- Free
  • No dairy
  • No Soy

Soluble vegetable fibre (from tapioca)*・Pea protein*・Sugars (Coconut nectar*, Rice syrup*, Concentrated grape juice*)・Brown rice protein*・Dark Chocolate* (cane sugar*, unsweetened chocolate*, cocoa butter*, vanilla*)・Sunflower seeds*・Crunchy protein pearls* (pea protein*, rice flour*)・Coconut oil*・Cocoa*・Unsweetened chocolate*・Water・Sunflower oil*・Lucuma*・Pectin・Vanilla paste*・Cocoa extract*・ Sea Salt.

*Organic. Certified Organic by Ecocert.

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    Nature Zen Organic Vegan Protein bars - Chocolate [nut free] box
    Nature Zen Organic Vegan Protein bars - Chocolate [nut free]
    Nature Zen Organic Vegan Protein bars - Chocolate [nut free] protein bar
    Nature Zen Organic Vegan Protein bars - Chocolate [nut free] bar
    Nature Zen Organic Vegan Protein bars - Chocolate [nut free] flavor
    Nature Zen Organic Vegan Protein bars - Chocolate [nut free]

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Best Chocolate Protein Bar

    These chocolate protein bars are simply delicious! Highly recommended for chocolate lovers looking for a nutritious treat


    j'ai eu l'opportunité de goûter à votre bar protéiné au chocolat et j'ai beaucoup apprécié son goût (peu sucré), sa texture (soyeuse-sablonneuse) et sa valeur nutritive (qui est très intéressante). De plus, le fait quelle ne contienne ni noix, ni soya et ni produit laitier font qu'elle me convienne parfaitement.

    Excellent soutien

    Quand je manque de temps pour dîner, ça m’aide à passer la journée !

    Ginette Nadon

    Mon fils préfère les barres vegan aux fraises ma belle fille et moi préférons les barres vegan au chocolat. Cela pour le goût, la texture et l'énergie rapide et constante qu'elles procurent.

    Nature Zen, c'est mon mode de vie

    Chaque matin je prends un smoothie Nature Zen... ce que je trouve super, c'est le fait d'avoir plusieurs saveurs, et aussi la top qualité du goût, la certification bio, et les éléments nutritifs de qualité. Je suis maintenant un ambassadeur NZ avec ma famille :)

    Authentically delicious

    The chocolate protein bar you won't forget in your bag.

    Organic Certified. Vegan. Gluten-free. Peanut-free. Nut-free. Dairy-free. And much more...

    • High in protein

      17g of protein per bar

    • Real flavour

      No added flavour.

    • Fibre

      High fibre content.

    Finally, you don't need to chose between great taste and texture.

    Our chocolate protein bar is firm, yet soft and delicious while respecting excellent healthy criterias.

    It's there, when you need it.

    • Take it at work, to the gym
    • Ideal for biking, trekking or long trail
    • No preparation

    They love it. A snack that you are confident giving to your child.

    Inside joke from a parent: "when my girls hear the sound of the packaging getting opened, they come rushing for it! I mean I can't eat my bar in secret! :) "


    How much protein do I need?

    Several institutions (as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) recommend a daily intake of 0.8g of protein/kg of body weight for an average individual. For Athletes, this intake should be at least 1.2g of protein/kg of body weight.

    So if you have an average physical activity and your body weight is about 80kg, the daily protein intake for you would be 64g (including all protein sources throughout the day).

    And if you are an athlete and your body weight is 60kg, the daily protein intake for you would be 72g and more (including all protein sources throughout the day).

    Also, protein is not stored by the body, so it should be eaten every day.

    How and when to use protein?

    Protein intake is recommended in the morning before starting your day as it will give you balance in your energy all day long. Another good moment in the day is 30 minutes (or less) after a physical activity.

    Protein bars can be taken any time of the day.

    When should we take protein?

    Either 30min. before or 30min. after exercise. In both cases, our protein bars will sustain your energy for a long time.