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Nature Zen SenseCare

A unique concept that combines the best of organic with the intelligence of science.

Questions about Method of care

For which skin type?

Nature Zen Sensecare creams are suitable for combination to dry skin. 

You can find the cream & serum duo best suited to your needs by taking the quiz: 'I determine my skin type'.

Which serum should I choose for my skin?

Our SenseCare range includes 3 different serums to suit your skin's specific needs.

The BRILLANT serum helps restore radiance by plumping skin texture, thanks to high-tech hyaluronic acid.

The SENSITIVE serum strengthens the skin's natural defenses to rebalance, calm and increase its resistance to external aggressors.

The ETERNALLY serum generates a major antioxidant and restructuring action that limits the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, restoring your skin's youthful radiance.

How to apply the Serum-Cream duo?

On cleansed, dry skin, apply the Serum first so that the active ingredients penetrate quickly. Simply press the cream into the skin with your fingers. Then, after absorption, smooth the cream and finish with finger pressure.

Are there any contraindications?

There are no contraindications to using our SenseCare products. However, if you have any doubts or your skin is sensitive, we advise you to try the cream or serum in question on a small patch of skin on the inside of arm, and to observe whether a skin reaction appears (heat, redness, swelling, etc.) and if so to remove the care directly and if the redness persists, to consult a doctor.

I have skin problems, eczema, etc. Can I use your cream and serum?

We advise against applying the cream or serum directly to your skin if it is inflammatory, red or there is the presence of significant scaling. It is preferable to use our products when the skin does not present inflammation or dermatological problems.

I'm pregnant. Can I use your cream and serum on my face?

There are no contraindications to using our SenseCare range if you're pregnant. On the contrary, it will give your skin the hydration and regeneration it needs to cope with the vagaries of hormonal levels that set in during pregnancy.

Why are you talking about a Cream-Serum Duo?

This product line was created for synergy and complementary actions.

A cream formulation that envelops your skin in benefits and retains its moisture, and a serum that will target your more specific problem. It's the combination of these two formulations, working in perfect harmony to deliver visible, rapid results.

Skin ritual:

The Nature Zen SenseCare Serum & Cream concept is based on an ideal complementarity of organic active ingredients, for optimal results. This combination ensures precision, effectiveness and rapid visible results. Use the serum once a day, and the cream morning and night. Depending on your skin's needs, you can use two different serums, one in the morning, the other in the evening. You should also be aware that it's normal, if your skin
is sensitive and lacking in nutrients, for a little redness to appear when you first apply the serums. This phenomenon disappears after a few moments.

I've been told that care is more effective at night. Is this true?

Cells use their energy to repair
and regenerate themselves. They are more receptive, which explains why they are, on average, 3 times more active than during the day. So, if you want to apply your skincare product just once a day, we advise you to do so in the evening, to give your skin the maximum opportunity for regeneration.

Can I use the serum without the cream and vice versa?

This concept is unique and has been created to achieve rapidly visible results. The combination of cream and serum is an essential complement to ensure your satisfaction.

Can I use 2 different serums?

Yes, you can. For example, for normal skin, you can use the Brilliant serum in the morning to give your skin well-being and radiance, and apply the Eternally serum in the evening for its antioxidant and regenerating action, always accompanied by the chosen Hydra-Nature Cream

Are the serums to be applied to the eye/eyelid area? As we know, they are powerful, and normally not recommended...

The Brillant and Eternally serums can be applied to the wrinkles around
the eyes and the upper eyelid, but not to the mobile eyelid. Only in the
morning, not at night. Serums can be applied to the eye contour area. Of course, a small amount of serum...

Is there a product recommended for people with brown spots on their skin? The sensitive one? If no product is specific, can I still apply the skin care product I want to the spot, or should I avoid the area (i.e. not put any product on it)?

All three serums can be used on spots. Eternally gives a luminous
complexion and Brillant lightens the complexion. But we can't say that we treat spots, although the color can be reduced.

Do you advise people to use the products on their neck and chest too, assome creams recommend it (especially the anti-wrinkle ones, as the skin needsthem there too...)?

Yes, you can use the Eternally or Brillant serums on neck wrinkles and
on the 'décolleté'.

Can I use SenseCare skincare even if I go out in the sun afterwards?

The products are not irritating to the skin. However, if you are exposed to strong sunlight, you should protect your skin with a sunscreen.

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Available from normal to combination skin and up to dry skin.