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Nature Zen SenseCare

A unique concept that combines the best of organic with the intelligence of science.

Questions about Composition of products

Why protein in cream?

Benefits of Nature Zen Rice proteins

This extract, which comes from brown rice, is over 90% concentrated in Amino Acids.
Amino acids are essential nutrients for repairing skin, building the skin's barrier function and retaining water in the various layers, starting with the upper layers, the stratum corneum.

1.      Glutamic acid - Increases skin hydration and maintains pH balance

2.      Aspartic acid - Highly moisturizing

These two amino acids are in high concentration in Nature Zen Rice proteins.

Protein from what?

The rice protein we use comes from 90% concentrated organic brown rice from China. It is strictly controlled and certified organic and non-GMO. Certifications are rigorously monitored by our regulatory team.

Where are your products made?

They are manufactured by a laboratory located in France, because the certifications and regulations for cosmetics in France corresponded to the quality standard we wanted for the SenseCare products. Quite simply.

How long after opening can I use the cream/products?

Our products can be used up to 6 months after opening.

Why are you talking about a Cream-Serum Duo?

This product line was created for synergy and complementary actions.

A cream formulation that envelops your skin in benefits and retains its moisture, and a serum that will target your more specific problem. It's the combination of these two formulations, working in perfect harmony to deliver visible, rapid results.

How do your products differ from those already on the cosmetics market?

The design of the Sensecare
line of products is unique in its Cream-Serum combination.

It is organic, the highest grade.

It is formulated with Nature Zen rice proteins.

It's a health cure for your skin, protecting it, reinforcing its defenses and restoring its energy.

What is Angelica water?

Angelica is a plant that has been used since ancient times for its beneficial properties. During the
Renaissance, many remedies were based on angelica, including Elixir de Longue Vie.

On the skin It helps soothe irritated and sensitive skin.

Does it contain fragrances?

The products contain fragrances

Synthetic fragrances?

Our fragrances are natural and certified by Ecocert Cosmos.

What tests have been carried out on your products? Laboratory tests?

 Nature Zen SenseCare products are formulated

  • Under pharmaceutical control.
  • Active ingredients are tested for efficacy.
  • Dermatologically tested.

Certifié Cosmos. BIO ORGANIC. The highest certification in Cosmos.

2 Face moisturizers that restore & renew the skin

Available from normal to combination skin and up to dry skin.