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Extraordinary texture

Organic Vegan Nutritional Protein Shake Powder | Nature Zen Essentials - Coffee

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Better Taste and Texture, Just Add Water!


  • Benefit from Magnesium: Magnesium factors in energy metabolism, tissue formation and bone development.
  • Low in Sugar: Enjoy a healthy option with minimal sugar content.
  • Complete Protein: Get a protein source that contains all essential amino acids.
  • High Protein Content: Each 36 g portion provides an impressive 22 g of protein.
  • Natural Source of Vitamins: Enriched with vitamins from natural sources.

Discover a protein shake that not only offers a delightful taste and texture but also ensures convenience.


Pea protein*, Rice protein*, Banana powder*, Coffee*, Rice drink powder*, Flaxseed protein*, Pectin, Stevia extract*, Vitamin blend (vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E extracted from: broccoli, spinach, sweet potato, orange, pumpkin, maitake mushroom, papaya), Natural flavour*. *Organic.

    Organic Vegan Nutritional Protein Shake Powder | Nature Zen Essentials - Coffee
    Organic Vegan Nutritional Protein Shake Powder | Nature Zen Essentials - Coffee
    Organic Vegan Nutritional Protein Shake Powder | Nature Zen Essentials - Coffee
    Organic Vegan Nutritional Protein Shake Powder | Nature Zen Essentials - Coffee
    Organic Vegan Nutritional Protein Shake Powder | Nature Zen Essentials - Coffee
    Organic Vegan Nutritional Protein Shake Powder | Nature Zen Essentials - Coffee
    Organic Vegan Nutritional Protein Shake Powder | Nature Zen Essentials - Coffee

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    My new morning coffee

    I love this protein powder! It tastes like my Starbucks Frappuccino but with protein 👍. I start working quite early in the morning, and my protein smoothie helps me have enough energy to keep going. I took it on my last holiday, and I enjoyed it every morning, especially when there was no vegetarian choice at the hotel.

    Claudine Fortin
    Excellent protein

    Amazing taste. Perfect alternative to my morning coffee. Texture is also very smooth, not like other brands I tried. I also loved strawberry flavor.

    For everyday superheros

    Make every morning, the ideal morning to start your day with energy.

    Certified from the best.

    Energy by nature.

    • Delicious taste

    • Certified organic

    • Certified Vegan

    • Natural Vitamins

    • Protein helps build antibodies

    • High in protein

    • Complete protein

    • Protein helps increase the feeling of satiety

    Incredible facts about our protein

    • Be confident about what you eat

      When we talk about a healthy diet, an adequate intake of high-quality protein is key to maintaining optimal health

      • It provides a sustaining, constant, light energy
      • It is essential to build, maintain and repair muscle mass and bones
      • It is involved in a multitude of metabolic, chemical and hormonal reactions in the body
      • It helps us maintain a healthy weight (the feeling of satiety, the metabolic rate are increased)
    • Plant-based powered

      Plant-based protein, regarded for a long time as of lower quality than animal protein, is now acknowledged not only as equal, but superior in terms of muscle and complementary benefits

      • It contains more fibers and phytonutrients than animal protein.
      • A diet that is high in plant-based protein helps to lower blood pressure, lessen bad cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.
      • Studies have shown that the consumption of plant-based protein is linked to a decrease in the occurrence of certain types of cancer.
    • The organic difference

      Because we care for our planet an the people who live on it. Making organic products is essential for us.

      • Certified organic food has several effects such as being an antioxidant, antimutagenic, and inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells are superior to conventional food.
      • It prevents increased exposure to pesticides and their accumulation in the body, linked to various health problems (cancers, diabetes, degenerative neurological diseases, fertility problems, ADHD, congenital malformations...)
      • It reduces exposure to antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
      • It is better for the environment (preserves the soil, fauna & flora integrity, etc...)
    • Bye bye hunger

      Thanks to its very nature (a chain of amino acid), quality plant-based protein leads to a deeper, more long-lasting feeling of satiety, and more stabilized energy than carbohydrates or lipids - which are, nevertheless, essential for a healthy and varied diet.

      For instance, studies demonstrate that a quality plant-based protein breakfast favors a lower calorie intake throughout the day.

      Pea protein is proven to increase the feeling of satiety

    • Maintain bone density

      Quality plant-based protein plays a key role in the growth and maintenance of bone density. And even better, it does so at any age.

      The difference in the amino acid composition in plant and animal protein has noticeable effects on several health factors. Among other things, it has been proven that animal protein has negative effects on several health factors, including bone density.

      Quality+ plant proteins such as Nature Zen organic, sprouted brown rice protein and organic pea protein, are therefore excellent alternatives to ensure growth and maintenance of healthy bone density.


    How much protein do I need?

    Several institutions (as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) recommend a daily intake of 0.8g of protein/kg of body weight for an average individual. For Athletes, this intake should be at least 1.2g of protein/kg of body weight.

    So if you have an average physical activity and your body weight is about 80kg, the daily protein intake for you would be 64g (including all protein sources throughout the day).

    And if you are an athlete and your body weight is 60kg, the daily protein intake for you would be 72g and more (including all protein sources throughout the day).

    Also, protein is not stored by the body, so it should be eaten every day.

    How and when to use protein powder?

    Protein intake is recommended in the morning before starting your day as it will give you balance in your energy all day long. Another good moment in the day is 30 minutes (or less) after a physical activity.

    You can take your organic vegan protein in shakes or smoothies for example, mixed with fruits or vegetables, as you like. We also recommend to use plant-based milk for better taste and digestion.

    Is it good for children to take protein?

    Yes. And not only are they good for children, but they are even recommended, as it sustains growth, immune system, and balance in energy and mood throughout the day!

    As an example, for children aged 4 to 13, it is suggested to take 0.95g of protein per kg / day. So for a 20kg child, this is equivalent to 19g (including all the protein sources in his/her daily diet).

    With our vegan and organic proteins, digestion and absorbtion rates by the body (98%) are even better than with other protein sources.

    Still have a question about our products? Get in touch with our team.

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