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Protein bars - Chocolate [nut free]

Protein to-go!


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Plant-based protein benefits that power your days.

  • Helps build muscle mass

  • Helps keep bones healthy & strong

  • Helps increase satiety & curb cravings

  • Helps lower bad cholesterol levels

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World level quality certifications, nothing less.

These certifications is our commitment to bring you the most natural and best quality on the market.

Quality & dedication

  • Organic & Plant-Based

    Enjoy peace of mind at Nature Zen by knowing that everything is organic and plant-based.

  • Made in Canada

    We manufacture our own protein powders in Canada, with love.

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    Enjoy a free delivery on orders over 65$ and more in all Canada.

They love our products

Finally a plant-based protein that is easy to digest, mixes easily and tastes great too! But what I love is the zen-like, long-lasting energy I feel throughout the day, which I haven't found when consuming other protein powders. I love all the flavors and change them up depending on my mood. I feel well nourished with Nature Zen!


High quality proteins. I eat them daily, especially the chocolate bars, between meals, before/after sports... they are excellent, concentrated in protein and with a good taste, the perfect combo. The nutritional values are really good with more protein, fiber than carbs, which is rare and helps stabilize my energy, avoid blood sugar spikes, and stabilizes my weight too... a top discovery :)


These proteins were one of my main sources of energy during my pregnancy and breastfeeding. It helped me stay in shape and give life to 2 beautiful and healthy children. It's great because it's organic, delicious, easy to prepare and easy to digest. A healthy, versatile breakfast that the whole family can now enjoy every morning!


I love your chocolate bars! I'm glad I found high protein bars with a good texture and chocolate nougat taste, which is pretty hard to find on the protein bar market. They give me energy all afternoon and are super convenient to have at the office between meetings.

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